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It appears that the San Francisco 49ers have reservations about the compensation of New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones

Beyond their standout performance in the second half and overtime during their Week 2 victory against the Arizona Cardinals, the New York Giants have been struggling offensively this season. Thursday night’s 30-12 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, a game in which the Giants never managed to establish a foothold following a 3-3 tie, further emphasized their offensive woes. Quarterback Daniel Jones, in particular, failed to make a significant impact, completing 22 of 32 passes for just 132 yards, zero touchdowns, and one interception. The meager yardage total reflects the Giants’ conservative approach in the passing game.
The Giants faced a formidable challenge against the 49ers’ dominant defensive front, compounded by an injury-riddled offensive line. Jones encountered pressure on 15 of his 34 dropbacks, according to Pro Football Focus, a level of pressure that is unsustainable for any quarterback.
Following the game, several 49ers defenders openly expressed their dissatisfaction with Jones and voiced their skepticism about the four-year, $160 million contract he signed during the offseason.
“One unnamed 49ers defender told Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle, ‘The dude did not want to throw the ball. Early on, you could tell it wasn’t gonna happen. Everything was a checkdown. At that point, we knew what time it was.'”
Linebacker Dre Greenlaw was unreserved in his assessment of Jones, saying, “A lot of people who make all that money don’t even deserve it. I think they took a chance when they paid him. I mean, he’s not bad. And if you ain’t got nothing better…”
According to Silver’s report, these sentiments were shared among multiple 49ers players.

“Yeah,” conceded Niners cornerback Charvarius (Mooney) Ward, “forty million dollars a year is a lot of money.”

Another S.F. defender called Jones’ salary “unbelievable.” Still another used the word “ridiculous.” Said a third: “That’s a travesty, man.”

Ward also eagerly discussed the interception that occurred with 3:48 left in the game. It was a play that, although not entirely Jones’ fault, added to the growing frustration. Jones executed a well-timed slant pass to tight end Darren Waller over the middle. However, Ward was quick to cover Jones in the middle, Waller couldn’t secure the catch, and the ball popped into the air. Linebacker Fred Warner nearly intercepted it, but the football ultimately found its way to safety Talanoa Hufanga.
“It really ignites your hunger,” Ward remarked. “Towards the end of the game, every defensive back on the field had their sights set on making an interception. Hufanga ended up being the fortunate one to grab it. I played a role in it, so I was pleased to contribute. We were all at the top of our game tonight.”
Regrettably, the same could not be said for Jones, whose performance left the 49ers questioning the Giants’ decision-making regarding his lucrative contract.

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