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Steve Kerr’s Take on Chris Paul’s Addition to Warriors Lineup: ‘We Now Boast 6 Starters

With the recent off season acquisition of Chris Paul, the Golden State Warriors find themselves in an intriguing situation, as their lineup now boasts an abundance of talent, sparking curiosity and speculation as the new season approaches.
One burning question revolves around Paul’s integration into the team—how will he adapt, and will the future Hall of Famer find fulfillment in a potentially different role, perhaps coming off the bench?
Head coach Steve Kerr took the opportunity to address this topic during a press conference preceding the commencement of training camp. While Kerr doesn’t possess a definitive blueprint for Paul’s role just yet, he intends to use the upcoming training camp to explore different dynamics. Kerr remains optimistic about the addition of Paul and is open to the possibility of him occupying a starting position.
Kerr conveyed, ‘We basically have six starters the way I look at it. Only five can go each night.’
This statement from Kerr underlines the rich depth of talent the Warriors now possess, leaving fans and analysts eagerly anticipating the unfolding dynamics as the new season approaches.”
The intriguing scenario of the Warriors’ ‘six starters’ includes the likes of Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, and Kevon Looney. Among this elite group, the latter five secured an NBA championship in 2022, a testament to their prowess. Meanwhile, Curry, Thompson, and Green have been the stalwarts of a lineup that has clinched four NBA titles, underscoring their legendary status in the league. Notably, Looney has contributed to three of those championship victories, cementing his integral role in the team’s success.
In essence, the Warriors have assembled a formidable group, boasting a remarkable track record, especially with the point guard position securely anchored by the future Hall of Famer, Stephen Curry. This has led to speculation that Chris Paul might embrace a role coming off the bench, a departure from his illustrious 18-season NBA career as a starter.

Coach Kerr emphasized his intention to explore various lineup permutations during the upcoming training camp, seeking the ideal formula for success. He also pledged that all six players would see substantial playing time, underlining their significance to the team’s strategies for the upcoming season.

“If this is gonna work, then everybody has to embrace it regardless of who’s starting and who’s not,” Kerr continued. “It only works if the whole team buys in.

“I know these guys well — I know five of them really well, and I’m getting to know Chris. One thing that I know about all of them is that they want to win more than anything.”

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